Eyewear Brand

Why do name-brand glasses and sunglasses are so expensive?

1. Brand eyeglasses have both functional, aesthetic, and  status requirements.
Even having just two requirements, aesthetic and status, tends to boost the retail selling price of men’s neckties. The same three criteria also apply to men’s watches, resulting in a very wide range of prices.

Because glasses affect your appearance and status, it actually makes sense to pay  a relatively high price to get incrementally better results.

2. Because of the very wide variety of sizes and types, everyone in the value chain – manufacturers, distributors, and retailers – has to maintain a large inventory with relatively low turnover. This increases the need for each step to have a higher mark up.  Being a fashion accessory, models sometimes become obsolete or out of style, which results in write downs. Prices need to be higher to cover this.  You can see similar factors in the shoe business.